Breakwondo Martial Arts started off as a small group of students who loved the art of Taekwondo and the sport of competitive breaking.  Every Saturday, under the guidance of Master Zambri, Team Breakwondo would teach each other forms, self-defense, and proper technique.  As the years went by this small Taekwondo team realized that it was hard to find high-quality martial arts instruction at an affordable price.  Through their guiding principles of community first and self-improvement, BMA Taekwondo opened their first martial arts studio.  Since then they have grown in to two locations!  All of our current instructors have a passion for building their community and improving the lives of all individuals.  They are teachers by profession and love taking time out of their day to continue teaching at the martial arts studio.  To learn more about our programs click here.  To learn more about our instructors click here.